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Expertise & Offerings

For details on my psychological services, please go to my website dedicated to psychology: 


Who could you be if you had a soul-deep sense of who you are and where you’re going?

​How much easier would it be if you had someone to help you navigate your journey: one who was already walking the walk AND was trained in mindfulness, self-compassion, and positive psychology?

Let me help you develop and nurture the skills needed to live the best possible version of you. To hone in on the skills to understand and appreciate the obstacles holding you back from living your life with heartfelt purpose, joyful love, and passionate authenticity! How good would it feel to wake up with a smile on your face very morning?

With heartfulness coaching™ I start with the basic principles and practices of mindfulness, but infuse them with an abundance of love. 🤍 This approach allows for a beautiful integration of presence with the heartspace.  Love is the core of who we are and I want to help you remember that! Walk with me and together, we will radiate this beautiful vibrational frequency into the world. 

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Alchemy Heart Academy™

I'm thrilled to be a co-founder of the Alchemy Heart Academy (aka AHA) along with my amazing friend, Fohzia Ahmed. AHA is a multi-platform initiative to help women transform so they are living from a place of soul-alignment, both personally and professionally


While traversing our personal paths, we have learned to live in joy and love and this has created in us a passionate desire to share our experiences with other women.

Our hearts’ mission is to help women reclaim their power and live life with purpose and passion.💙✨


Please click the button below to visit our site & if you feel called to check out our free Facebook community, you can do so here!

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Mindfulness Services

Mindfulness is one of my passions, so much so, that I re-trained for several years in different programs so I would be qualified to teach it with integrity. As such, I offer several mindfulness services: 

(1) Consultation for organizations interested in incorporating mindfulness in their apps, programs, or for the workplace

(2) Workshops teaching mindfulness/self-compassion for organizations 

(3) Private coaching to accompany the online Mindful Village® program

(4) Mindful Village® online program for families with neurodiverse children

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