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Below you will find a list of podcasts or shows on which I have been interviewed. I love connecting with new people and having exciting conversations!

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"The feminine collective has arisen and reclaimed their power. At a microcosmic level, these stories tell of deep wounds and struggles; challenges which are overcome with resilience and courage. Watch these amazing women as they tap into their inner strength, embrace their sacred Divine Feminine, and rise to healing wounded womanhood on a global level."

The stories are raw, real, and straight from the heart. All of us have ended up in some type of healing modality and we are hoping our readers will resonate with our stories. 🙏🧡

Now a #1 International Bestselling Author!

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Eight Billion

There are so many religions in this world that for those looking for that spiritual connection, finding one can be a struggle. Our guest in this episode found herself in this dilemma until she was given advice: "when your soul finds its home, your heart will know." Eventually, she found hers in Sufism. Liza Florida introduces us to Dr. Rabia Subhani, a neuropsychologist who, after a spiritual epiphany in 2013, became immersed in learning mindfulness and self-compassion. Here, Dr. Subhani shares with us her story of spiritual awakening and how this extended to her work helping neurodiverse children and their families. She dives deep into autism, the benefits of meditation, and the key teachings of Sufism that taught her all about remembrance and love. So walk with a Sufi in this conversation and gain great insights on spirituality, medicine, and, most of all, love.

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