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Your Spiritual Journey

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

One of my favorite quotes by Rumi is this one:

“And you,
When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

This journey never really ends.

It’s a lifelong process of awakening to different levels of consciousness.

Attaining higher and higher peaks.

Some like to travel alone.

Many prefer companions on the path.

Still, others long for a guide or mentor.

What exactly is spiritual mentoring, you might ask?

It means you walk with someone who has walked the spiritual path before you and can show you the way.

The treacherous dips in the road.

The quicksand.

The curve you don’t see coming.

The shadows.

Always the shadows.

All the things that catch the unwary traveler by surprise.

I do this for my clients as their spiritual mentor because I may be a few steps ahead of them.

And I do it for myself with my own mentors.

Because they are ahead of me.

Not ahead in the egoic sense but that they have already navigated some of those challenges along the way.

We can all use a companion or guide on the path.

No matter where we are.

The important thing is to realize you’re ready for the journey.

And you,

When will you begin?

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