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The Silent Story

Often in the early morning hours of sleep, I have “pearls of wisdom” come through.

Yesterday, I had a dream of a circle of young girls sitting and playing a game (“pass the story”) in which one girl started a story and and the next one added on to it.

The game continued for several girls and then it came to one girl who stayed silent.

The girls waited for a minute.

Then another.

Finally one girl gently encouraged her to continue and told her that nobody would laugh at her if that was her concern.

The girl just had a small smile on her face but stayed quiet.

Several girls prodded and tried but she remained silent, still keeping that slight smile on her face.

The dream ended but I knew exactly what the meaning had been.

The silence was her story.

In the story of our lives, we have moments of anguish and excitement and joy and sadness.

And there there are the moments of an ineffable silence.

There may be nothing dramatic going on but we’re holding the space for a quiet contentment.

We may be pondering life or just living our regular lives.

We may be in a state of peaceful “nothingness.”

Just maybe, these are moments when we are contemplating life.

And it’s all perfectly fine.

We often need that silence in our story.

Time to marinate.

Time to reflect.

Time to evolve.

Time to become.

And sometimes, those quiet moments are the best parts of our story.

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