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Surrendering to the Divine

I bought this gem of a book a few months ago, after realizing that one of my favorite authors, Shaikh Kabir Helminski (who also happens to be my spiritual teacher), had written something I hadn’t read yet! 

Lovers of Rumi will rejoice at the plethora of beautiful poems inside. Here is one which particularly resonated with me:

All of your restlessness is due

To your seeking restfulness.

Become a tireless seeker,

so that restfulness will seek you.

All of your displeasure is due

to your seeking pleasure.

Abandon pleasures and austerity would become a pleasure to you.

All of your frustrations are due

to your seeking your wishes.

If you didn't, all wishes would come to you like offerings.

Love all of the Beloved’s ways,

not just Her affection,

so that the coquettish Beloved would come to you as a desperate lover.

For me this poem means that if we strive to cling onto things and are attached too strongly to outcomes and expectations, we end up dissatisfied in life.

Surrendering to the Divine, the Beloved, gives us all we need.

Letting go of expectations and trusting God/Source/Divine is key to spiritual growth in all the wisdom traditions.

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