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Spiritual Practices, pt. 4

So the secret sauce is this.

My daily practices don’t begin and end in the morning.

My whole day is a spiritual practice.

I live and breathe spirituality.

There’s no such thing as a daily spiritual practice for me that is defined by time.

The truth is that I embody spirituality every moment of every day.

This doesn’t mean that I walk around in a perpetual zen state.

I’m still in my human body with all its challenges.

I still have arguments with my teen.

And work stress.

And household chores.

And bills to pay.

But I practice mindfulness whenever I remember.

I find joy in all the little things.

Like a canister full of tea.

A forgotten piece of my favorite chocolate.

A bird landing outside my window.

The smile on my son’s face.

And I am so grateful for all I have.

I remind myself of my abundance every day.

The Divine has blessed me

With a roof over my head.

A fridge full of food.

Running hot water.

A mom who is still in this world (though my dad is not).

The resources that enable me to have this lifestyle.

So my daily practice is this.

I show up every day.

And I do the work.

Every minute I get.

The practices may change from day to day.

But I never forget why I’m here.

I’m a healer and an activator.

And I’m here to wake up the world.

Through my voice.

My writing.

The way I live.

The way I love.

My very being.

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