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Spiritual Practices, pt. 2

As part of my daily practice, I like to sit outside before it gets too hot and just listen to the birds sing as I mindfully drink my chai.

I close my eyes,

sipping my wonderful hot chai

Listening to the joyous symphony of birds singing a song only they understand.

I hear a wind start up and rustle the leaves,

A squirrel scampers up a trunk

I smell the perfume of flowers and fresh cut grass

And feel a cool breeze gently caressing my face, ruffling my hair

The steam from my chai wafts up and hits my lips & nose

Inhaling deeply, I savor

I sip and taste the deliciousness that only that first cup of caffeine

in the morning can impart,

the flavors nourish my mouth

on the way down to warm my body.

Eyes still closed, I take in this moment of pure bliss

thanking the Divine for giving me this peace and tranquility.

And then, my blissful sojourn is broken by…

the pounding of hammers and buzzing of saws and drills!

Yes, the construction crews have arrived.

I gently remind myself that I am always in abundance.

Pounding hammers mean that someone is getting a wonderful house in my neighborhood and I will have lovely new neighbors.

But this is the test, isn’t it?

Keeping the calm and meditative state when its’s challenging

and that’s what our practices prepare us for. Cont in pt. 3.

Did you miss part 1? Find it here.

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