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A Mother's Love

An original poem by Rabia Subhani

Within the refuge of her warm embrace,

I seek forgiveness for all my sins.

It’s to her I turn in times of need

and in her ineffable grace, I find my own strength.

Her lips kiss me with a love

unsurpassed by all others,

for it is born of strength, resilience, and devotion.

I could drown in the ocean of tears

she has shed,

weeping in worry for her children,

forever caring about their well-being,

illnesses, anxieties, and pains.

And in her arms I find the comfort

of a thousand sorrows,

made bearable

as she consumes my pain as her own

and gives back her love a hundred-fold,

as only a mother can.

And within my mother’s eyes,

I see the beauty of all I am

reflected back at me…

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