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Empowering Ourselves

An important concept which we forget when we’re talking about self-care is empowering yourself.

This, too, is part of self-care.

The ability to see your strengths, acknowledge them, and bring them into the light, is an important part of self-growth.

Usually, we are easily able to name all our “weaknesses” but struggle to name any strengths, which is a tragedy.

I ask my clients to name three qualities that describe them—it breaks my heart when all they can come up with are three negative attributes.

When we begin to do the inner work, we often realize how dismissive we are of our strengths and how focused we are on our perceived deficits.

So I encourage you to start focusing on your beautiful strengths—those qualities which you have heard others admire about you. The extraordinary traits which make you, YOU!

Until we learn to acknowledge our strengths, step into our power, and speak our truth, we will forever be affected by others’ opinions.

Make a list of all of your strengths.

Own them.

Be them.

Nobody else can truly understand what you are capable of becoming if you fully embrace your higher self.

Ask all of yourself, nobody else will do you justice.

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