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Finding My Inner Voice

I've always loved to write, but never took it seriously. Then in February 2020, I had the opportunity to go on a Sufi writer's retreat in Costa Rica...

I wanted to go so much because the retreat was led by one of my favorite Sufi teachers, Kabir Helminski, but impostor syndrome was rearing its ugly head. Who was I to call myself a writer? So I decided to leave it up to fate. I would apply and if I got in, it was meant to be. And much to my relief and joy, it was...

I was so blessed to be accepted into this intimate gathering for more reasons than one. Some of the lovely people I met on this retreat have become among my dearest friends. I have learned so much from them and their life stories. They have been immersed in Sufism a lot longer than I have and it is apparent in the way they show up in life.

I felt such a deep connection to the Divine/Beloved/God/Allah while there. I think it was a combination of beautiful teachers, lovely fellow spiritual seekers, and a pristine unspoiled land. I hadn't thought I was a poet but suddenly I was! It felt as if I was a vessel for the words that flowed out of me. I wrote pages of poems and still write now though the flow isn't "turned on" all the time as it was then. I humbly offer some of my writings below.

Finally, Shaikh Kabir and his wife, Shaikha Camille had such a lovely peaceful and wise energy around them. To be near them was to feel this feeling of coming home in your soul. I embraced the beauty of their teachings and presence, which led to such a deep spiritual shift on this trip. I have never been quite the same and will soon take initiation into their order, Threshold Society. 🧡

I hope you enjoy some of the poetry I have written, which I will share in the following posts.


We are all poets. Poems are the language of our experience. ~Shaikh Kabir Helminski

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