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All Of Me

An original poem by Rabia Subhani

Walking on the beach

I had an epiphany

In every direction

North, south, east or west

Wheresoever I turned

There was only me!

I was the sun shining down

And the waves crashing in the sea

I was the dolphin playing in the water

And the salty air I breathed

I was the jellyfish stranded on the sand

And the hand nudging it to sea

I was the pelican scooping out a fish

And the fish caught in his beak

I was the mollusks giving up the fight

And their shells creating the beach

I was the wind blowing through my hair

And all the plants and trees

I was the humans lying on the sand

And the sand swept out to sea

I was all the animals

And all the humans

And all the elements

And everything I could see

I was One

I was All

I was Me

I was all of them

And they were all me.

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