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Meet Rabia

Licensed Psychologist & Certified Mindfulness Teacher

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I'm terrible at bio posts. I never know what to focus on or what is interesting! But to give you a short synopsis, I began my professional career as a neuropsychologist specializing in autism. Then I got married and had an autistic son (ironic, right?). When he was 9, I went through an unexpected separation and divorce. My poor baby went through a bunch of changes all at once and had difficulty coping. 

As his behaviors got worse, our interactions did, too. After months of challenges, I realized that something had to change and I went on my own spiritual journey so I could learn how to respond, not react. I became immersed in mindfulness and self-compassion. Along the way, I remembered that I was a Sufi, and my soul's purpose on earth was devotion to bringing love and healing into the world. 

My goal now is to help heal others who are lost along their own journeys or perhaps rudderless and need gentle guidance or spiritual mentoring. My approach is something uniquely my own, which I call heartfulness coaching™ -- it's mindfulness with a huge helping of heart! Love is my calling and my guiding force. I truly believe that there is nothing in this world that can't be healed when led with love. The heartspace is where the magic begins! 


With mindfulness, we bring our attention to the now. But with love, we transcend the now and become so much more. I use love in everything I do--it has become the tool of transformation I use to help my clients realize their passion for living, how to align with their soul's purpose, or simply how to life a joyful life. Looking through the lens of love gives us the perspective we need and everything else organically falls into place. I'd love to help you find your way, too. 🤍

If you have a burning desire to read the complete history of my spiritual joruney :-) the best way to do so is to read my chapter in the book I co-wrote, We Are The Sacred Feminine Rising (it's $.99 and the money goes to a non-profit).

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