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Your Extraordinary Life is Within Reach, Beautiful Soul

Coaching with Rabia Nur Subhani

The Heartful Psychologist™


Meet Rabia

Neuropsychologist, Certified Jungian

Life Coach, Certified Soul Journey Facilitator, & Certified Mindfulness Teacher 


Hello Magnificent Beings!

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with lots of amazing interests that run the gamut from mindfulness programs for neurodiverse families, to mindfulness consultations for organizations to adult autism assessments.

This is my landing site but is primarily for my heartfulness coaching™ (mindfulness with heart!) -- You can check out my psychology services and mindfulness programs by clicking below.

I am an activator, healer, and lover of life! If you have found me, you were meant to be in my world. I welcome and honor you from the bottom of my heart. 

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What my coaching looks like...

Could live and work from a place of clear soul-alignment so everything you did reflected your truest self...

Had a clear sense of who you are and where you’re going...

Had a mentor to help you on your journey: one who was trained in mindfulness, self-compassion, positive psychology, and neuroscience (one who had walked the walk)...

Developed self-compassion and resilience to deal with life stressors...

Developed the skill set to understand and appreciate the deepest inner obstacles to living your life to the fullest...

Understood the behaviors which are holding you back from living with purpose, passion, and complete authenticity...

Lived life as if it was rigged in your favor (as Rumi says)...

and who would you be if...

You lived in abundance, not scarcity, with no barriers or boundaries to what and who you could become...

You were ruled by love instead of fear...

You were no longer “stuck” but wild and free...

You lived each day with joy and a love of living each moment to the fullest...

Nobody was holding you back from your truest self...

You were perpetually living in the field of potentiality...

You were the real you...

You were the raw you...

You were the no-holds-barred you...

You were simply, YOU?

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Expertise & Offerings

How can I best serve you?










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“I love the compassionate way that you lead the class and discussion. Your heart and love just radiates from you, and it is felt by everybody. You really offered a safe space for all of us to discuss very deep and difficult topics. Rabia, You are very gifted at making people feel welcomed, included, and loved. Thank you for being a blessing in my life.”

- H.H.

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The perfect balance of kindness, compassion, humor and encouragement that helped make me feel at ease and able to easily participate…..

This course felt like a gift, such unexpected openings and places to pause for a moment to allow the compassionate self love that I have been deeply seeking. perfectly timed and delivered. Rabia is an exceptional teacher who really imparts the teachings with such warmth, presence, gentle humor and deeply heartfelt delivery. I hope I can have further opportunities to join future gatherings!

- F.A.

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“Very grounding and a great reset whether you have practiced mindfulness and meditation before or never tried. Helped me set clear intentions and make self care a priority, not just a treat.”

- B.R.

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Want in on my daily musings and spiritual practices? Follow along on IG! 

And check out my meditations on the Resource page

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